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Industrial distributors base the strength of their service on making available just-in-time a wide range of standard and hi-tech industrial components.

This can guarantee to thousands of consumers, in addition to a timely service, the selection of the most appropriate, best performing products for any given application. The transfer of know-how requires a deep knowledge of the manufacturer, their strategies in terms of production, competitiveness, logistical capabilities and at a technical level (production evolution related to research on materials such as steels, ceramics and polymers, on geometric shapes and relative wear of surfaces up to sensorised components  and condition monitoring, etc).

The complexity of handling tens of thousands of part numbers and tens of thousands of end users clarifies how customer proximity and knowledge are essential, and must remain, the real essence of the specialised industrial distributor. The proximity of the distributor to the customer is therefore fundamental and the specialisation on core components is critical for industries.

The term "industrial supplies" refers to products used in the manufacturing and processing industry in generic terms without precise boundaries in terms of range. However, when we make reference to specialised industrial distribution, we refer to a portfolio of strategic products and services for industry, which can be fundamental for the success in the operation of a new factory or in the maintenance of a processing plant.

The joint venture partners who constitute 3ISP have a heritage over several decades in the supply of power transmission, linear motion, fluid power, lubrication systems and hi-tech sealing products, the service under-pinned with high added value, essential for today's industry and the industry of the future.

The cultural and territorial proximity to the industries and the availability of the products in the right moment and in the right place, are the founding values of a specialised industrial distributor. Correct selection, appropriate application and brand certainty (original product) are just the principles of our service. We are also building, with the support of our partner suppliers and through experience with customers, a more comprehensive range of services, from condition monitoring (predictive maintenance) to lubrication and integrated systems and shared investments in intelligent systems in order to guarantee an ever-greater effectiveness and completeness in servicing our customers.

In short, 3ISP is born as a response to the industry 4.0 of the future and as a support to international customers, who value the exchange of experiences between the partners that operate on reference markets, both of production and processing. 3ISP provides resources for targeted investments and, above all, allows our three organizations to maintain their focus on their home markets, assuring to customers unchanged presence, proximity and specialisation.